Blue bird

Expressive Arts Therapy is a gentle, yet powerful, therapeutic process that uses Imagination, Creativity, Curiosity, and Expressive Arts to foster emotional healing and expand the boundaries of what is possible.

Creative processes invite Exploration, Discovery and Engagement. Through imagery and non-verbal modes of creative self-expression we learn to express inner feelings by creating outer forms and breathing life into them. Expressive Arts Therapy is about discovering ourselves through any art form that comes from an emotional depth.

Rather than focusing on or seeking to fix or remove blocks or challenges Expressive Arts Therapy encourages self-discovery and awakens one to new ways of being, new possibilities, and transformation. The journey of Discovery is as unique as each of Us, there is no right or wrong way, simply Your way.

"Leslee's work has been outstanding, professional and innovative. Staff and clients advise that her sessions have been an excellent addition to our regular programing. We value and appreciate Leslee's strong work ethic and commitment to help those she serves."

Turning Point Recovery Society